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Seahorse face mask
Imagine our excitement in the first dive of 2020, after lockdown was eased. We entered the shallow water at Studland Bay in Dorset, here in the UK, and within minutes we came across our first seahorse. We were so excited this was not only the first seahorses we had seen for a couple of years. but also, the first seahorse, since we had managed to make Studland Bay a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).
This excitement turned to total exhilaration when within minutes we had found a second, and then a third, and then fourth, and finally on this first dive, 16 seahorses. This was unprecedented and in the 12 years of studying this site we had only ever found 9 seahorses in one dive before.
A few dives later, we had identified 46 individual seahorses over the entire area, more than any other year. During the next few dives, we saw seahorses, after seahorses and they ranged from small juveniles, right up to fully grown, pregnant males.
In fact, we found one of the largest seahorses recorded at Studland this year a big male at a whopping 20cms from the top of the head to the end of the tail.
Seahorses are in trouble, and as the lockdown has eased and more boast have appeared at Studland, their numbers are dropping and they getting more skittish as we go near them; they are highly sensitive to noise and disturbance, and the 400 plus boats we keep seeing on the site is causing them a lot of stress.
Here at The Seahorse Trust we got seahorses recognised as a British species, we have got seahorses legally protected here in the UK, we have managed to finally get Studland Bay protected but there is so much more to do and this is why Bee’s amazing donation from each face mask is so exciting.
It costs a lot of money to run a charity and although we are very lucky to have so many supporters and volunteers, COVID 19 meant we lost a lot of income.
Please do two things protect yourself by buying one of Bee’s stunning face masks and two help The Seahorse Trust by buying Bee’s face masks as she is kindly making a donation to us form the sale of each one.
Thank you and stay safe.


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